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About Sabah - An Introduction

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The present day area or territory of Sabah was formed with the signing of a treaty between the Austrian Consul in Hong Kong and the Sultan of Brunei in 1877 and with the lease in perpetuity agreement with the Sultan of Sulu in 1878. The signing of these treaty and agreement by 1878 means that all regions of Sabah are now officially under the control of the European. The European later called this land as North Borneo.

The Austrian later hand over the control of North Borneo to the British in 1883. From this period onwards, North Borneo was under the rule of the British until 1963 (except from 1942 to 1945 when it was under the Japanese occupation during the Second World War). Sabah gained its independence by joining with Sarawak, Singapore and Malaya to form Malaysia in 16 September 1963. After independence, the name North Borneo was changed to Sabah.

Today, Sabah is the second largest state in Malaysia, which is located on the northern part of the beautiful island of Borneo. Sabah shares the island of Borneo with Sarawak, Brunei, and Kalimantan (which is part of Indonesia). The administration of modern day Sabah can be divided into five zone or division, namely the West Coast Division where Kota Kinabalu is located, Sandakan Division, Tawau Division, Kudat Division and the Interior Division.

Geographical Features:

Where is Sabah ? Find out about the location of Sabah and about its terrain and unique features before you set foot in this enchanting land.


Population and Language:

Do you know that there are more than 30 ethnic groups calling Sabah their home today and speaking more than 50 different languages ?


Sabah Economy:

The economy of Sabah is dependent on the export of its primary commodities such as palm oil, rubber, cocoa, petroleum and wood/timber based product.


History Part 1: The Early Century

Do you know that the earliest human settlement in Sabah dated more than 28,000 years ago in an area what is known today as Tinkayu, Madai Caves and Baturong Caves ?


History Part 2: The Arrival of the European and American

The British is the first European power to establish a settlement in Sabah when they set up a trading post in Balambangan Island and renaming it Felicia.


History Part 3: British Rule, World War II Era and Modern Day Sabah

After more that 80 years under the British rule, Sabah finally gain independence in 1963 when they join with Sarawak, Singapore and Malaya to form Malaysia.


Top Ten Reasons For Visiting Sabah

Need some convincing that Sabah is 'The Place' to visit, then browse through this page for the top ten reasons.


Interesting Fun Facts and Trivia about Sabah

Improve your general knowledge and learn more about Sabah uniqueness with this fun and interesting facts and trivia.

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