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Economy: Having bless with such a huge forest area with more than 60 % of the landmass is forested , it is natural that Sabah's economy was traditionally based on the export of sawn timber and timber related product such as plywood, veneer, wooden moldings, laminated boards, particleboards and block boards with agriculture as the secondary contribution.

However, today with the depletion of the natural forests and greater awareness for conservation, agriculture has taken over as the primary export with palm oil emerging as the most important cash crop. Other important crops are rubber and cocoa (cacao), coffee and tea. Beside from timber and agriculture, mining for crude petroleum is also an important commodity for Sabah.

palm oil plantation - sabah main crop
Palm Oil Plantation and insert the fruits bunches which are the main cash crop.

rubber plantation - second important cash crop        test
Rubber Tree - second important crop                  Cocoa Tree and Fruit

Tourism is currently the second largest contributor to the economy and is being actively promoted by the state government lately. Manufacturing are another sectors that are being promoted by the government as a replacement for the un-sustainable and fast depleting natural forest and oil reserves.

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