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Top Ten Reason To Visit Sabah

Top ten reasons why Sabah is the perfect vacation destination or "The Place" to visit

Sabah Vacation and Travel Guide


Sabah is the second largest state in Malaysia, with a population of 3.1 million people.

Its scenic island and mountain location, world-class dive site, spooky caves, vast virgin forest with unique flora and fauna are just some of the reasons why Sabah is a great place to visit and to live.

To help you make-up your mind, here is the top ten or more things that you can do when holidaying or vacationing in Sabah :

  1. Sabah is home to Mount Kinabalu, the tallest mountain in Malaysia and the Island of Boreno. Mount Kinabalu also has the world's highest "mountain top trail" (also known as via ferrata). If climbing is not your cup of tea, don't worry as surrounding this mountain is the Kinabalu park which was designated as one of the World Heritage Site for its richness in flora and fauna.

  2. Come, see and experience for yourself, the world's biggest flower, the Rafflesia, nickname the 'corpse flower' due to its strong odor of rotting flesh.

  3. Take a river cruise along the Kinabatangan River to enjoy the rich tropical ecosystem. This is the best way for you to get up close and personal with Sabah's amazing wildlife, birds and nature.

  4. Orangutan, the most intelligence primates after human is native to Borneo Island. Sabah also operates the first official orangutan sanctuary and rehabilitation centre in Sepilok which is open to the public.

  5. Sabah is home to some of the worlds best diving and snorkeling spots such as Sipadan Island, which is rated among the top ten diving sites in the world. Beside Sipadan Island, there are other more beautiful and pristine islands that is less popular or unknown to the outside world.

  6. The northernmost tip of Borneo Island is located in Sabah. It is called ‘Tip Of Borneo’, which is located at Tanjung Simpang Mengayau(or Simpang Mengayau Bay) near the town of Kudat. Come and see the beautiful and spectacular view of this bay.

  7. There are more than 30 different ethnics group calling Sabah their home. Each with their own language, culture and heritage. Come and experience their cultural diversity and savor the soul of Sabah.

  8. If forest trekking, bird watching, night drives and night walks in the jungle are your interest, then come and experience yourself the wonders and beauty of the largest remaining area of undisturbed dipterocarps rainforest (tropical lowland rainforest trees) at Danum Valley Conservation Area.

  9. If you love caving or spelunking, there are various caves in Sabah, which you can choose such as the Gomantong Caves or Madai Caves which is famous for its bird's nest. You can also explore the spooky caves at Agop Batu Tulug which housed carved wooden coffins which dated more than two hundreds years back.

  10. If with all the things to do, visits and explore still failed to impress you, then just head down to the wide sandy beach or take an island trip for a picnic or BBQ, and chill out with friends, family members, and loved ones or just head up to its mountain side and let the peace and tranquility refresh and rejuvenate you.

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