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Sabah Vacation Guide - Caving, Spelunking, Potholing


Sabah is blessed with a number of limestone caves that are filled with various forms of speleothems such as stalactites, stalagmites, flowstone, straws, etc. that have formed beautiful and breathtaking structures. This makes visiting these caves during your Sabah vacation to be an educational and meaningful experience. Some of these caves are also homes to the swiftlets which is famous for it’s 'bird's nest'. Some are rich in myth, mystery and history and are important archeological sites as evidence have been found of early human existence some 15,000 years ago. Come and explore the caves in Sabah and see why they are an attraction that you should not miss. Experience the natural beauty of these caves and enjoy the surrounding wildlife and eco-system.

For those who are into caving or spelunking or potholing, the caves in Sabah are an adventure that awaits you. Many of these caves are still not fully explored and remain a fascinating and challenging adventure for the nature tourist. For those who want a more leisure visit, there are caves which have been developed to be tourist friendly with better infrastructure, facility and with well lit path.

As Sabah is located in the tropical area, the caves here are drier and not as damp as caves found in Europe and the Americas. However, the caves can still be quite cold sometimes especially during the raining seasons. As such, the best time for caving or spelunking or potholing is during the dry season which is from March to October.

Do bear in mind that certain caves need permits to be explored. These are available from the state forestry departments or can be arrange with the local travel agents. For your own safety, always engage a local guide especially if you are going to an unmapped caves which are not so tourist friendly and lacks safety.

Gomantong Cave :

One of the biggest bird’s nest cave in the world.

Madai Cave :

One of Sabah's main archaeological sites.

Batu Tulug Cave (Agop Batu Tulug) :

Come and visit the carved wooden coffins dating back to more than 200 years.

Baturong Cave and Tingkayu Lake :

One of the earliest sites of human settlement in Sabah

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