Lok Kawi Wildlife Park (Sabah Zoological and Botanical Park)

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Lok Kawi Wildlife Park is the place to visit if you want to see Borneo's unique wildlife under one roof. This government-run zoo which is managed by Sabah Wildlife Department, covers an area of 0.4375 mi² (280 acres) and house more than a hundred species of mammals, birds and reptiles. Some of the animals on display here include the orangutan, proboscis monkey, Borneo pygmy elephant, Sumatran rhinoceros, hornbills and many more which are native and unique to the island of Borneo.

There is also a Botanical Garden, which is located at the end of the park, with many local plants and herbs planted for display. Species of plant in this garden range from the commonly found plant species in Sabah's rainforest to the more unusual species such as pitcher plants (Nepenthes). There is also a 1.4 km long paved trekking trail or path leading to the botanical garden for you to take a walk. However, this walking trail are mostly exposed and quite hot in the sunny afternoon and early evening.

Getting There: Located near the town of Lok Kawi, about 32 miles (20km) from Kota Kinabalu, this park can be reached by taking the old Penampang-Papar Road via Donggongon, or the Putatan-Papar Road. The journey to the park from the city center of Kota Kinabalu will take approximately 30 minutes by taxi or self-driving.

Lok Kawi Wildlife Park Main Entrance  
Lok Kawi Wildlife Park Main Entrance

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