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Labuan World War II Cemetery and Memorial

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Labuan World War II Cemetery and Memorial Labuan World War II Cemetery and Memorial was carved out of the jungle and turned into beautiful cemeteries by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission after the end of WW II. The cemetery and memorial was built to commemorate the fallen Australians, British, New Zealand and some Indian(from the Punjab Regiment) and the local forces of North Borneo, Sarawak and Brunei that died in battle or during captivity during Japan's savage conquest of Borneo in World War II. It was officially opened by the Australian government in June 1953 to ensure that the men who died while defending their country are not forgotten. There are 3,908 graves here with 2,156 of them being unidentified. This is also the largest war graves in Malaysia. These graves contains the remain of the fallen Allied troops during World War II which were collected from all over Borneo and reburied here to be their final resting place.

Walking among the thousands of graves that lie in neat long rows in this peaceful and tranquil place, visitors will be able to reflect back on the horror and senselessness of war and on the sacrifices of the young men who gave up their life. Each of the graves bears a plaque to identify the fallen heroes with their names, military positions, ages and a personal message from their loved ones. For the 2,156 unknown graves, "A soldier of the 1939-1945 war. Known unto God" have been engraved on their headstone. The Cross of Sacrifice has also been erected in the center of this beautiful memorial ground. Every year during Remembrance Day, a memorial service will be held here and is normally attended by the Australia War Veteran group.

Labuan World War II Cemetery and Memorial
The Cross of Sacrifice stood in the middle of the memorial garden

Getting There: Labuan World War II Cemetery and Memorial is located along Jalan Tanjung Batu. From its capital and main town, Victoria(or Bandar Labuan), the cemetery is about 3.2 km and about 1 km from the airport. The cemetery can be reached by bus or taxi from these places.

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