Crocker Range Park Headquarters (Keningau Head Station) 

Crocker Range Park Headquarters (Keningau Head Station)

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Crocker Range Park is the largest national park in Sabah with a total land area of about 540 sq miles (139 919 hectares). It was established in 1984 to protect the water catchments area which was supplying water to the surrounding districts of Sabah and was renamed Crocker Range Park (Malay Name : Taman Banjaran Crocker) in 1996.

This park is basically the southern part of the Crocker Range which is the highest mountain range in Sabah and stretch from Kundasang in the North to Tenom in the South. (Note: The northern part of the Crocker Range on which Mount Kinabalu is situated is called Kinabalu National Park and the Crocker Range Park does not include this area.) The Crocker Range Park is home to the second highest mountain in Malaysia i.e. Mount Trusmadi (2642m). There are more than 265 species of birds, 107 species of mammals, over 400 species of insects, 42 species of fresh-water fish and about 500 species of plants that can be found in this park.

Things to do : Situated at Keningau, the Crocker Range Park Headquarters (Keningau Head Station) has the best facilities among all the other substations to cater for the tourist and visitor. Here there are places for meetings, camping, jungle trekking and outdoor educational activities. There is also the Crocker Nature Center (CNC) which display some information, specimens and photos about the flora & fauna of the park.

Nearby the Crocker Nature Center (CNC) is a 65 feet (20 m) high observatory tower for you to get a good view of the surrounding forest area and of Keningau town. Behind the administration office is a small Rafflesia Plot with Sabah's biggest species i.e. Rafflesia Keithii. However, this is a small area and since Rafflesia flower does not have a fixed blooming season and the blooming flower lasts for a few days only, you need good timing to see a blooming flower here. If you really want to see a blooming Rafflesia, than head on to the Rafflesia Forest Reserve, which is along the Penampang-Tambunan Road.

There are two jungle trails here for you to trek through the forest area i.e. the Crocker Trail and the Pine Trail. There is also a Fern Garden and an insectariums here for you to to see and learn about insects (stick insects, leaf insects, various species of beetles and many more species of insects). Overnight stays at this stations are a must if you want the "real" experience as the jungle trail and insectariums will only become alive during night time. For night walk, please arrange in advance with the Park who will send a ranger as your guide and for your own safety.

Getting There : Located about 90 miles (144 km) from Kota Kinabalu and about 8 miles (13 km) from Keningau town. The easiest and convenient way is to hire a car and drive for yourself. The Keningau Head-station is about 8 miles (13 km) away from the nearest town i.e. Keningau, for your food and other supplies.
For further Information, contact the Crocker Range Park (Keningau Head Station) at 019-8620404 or fax to 087-330924. Accommodation here range from a rest house and dormitories to camps. Note : For your own safety, hire the services of the park rangers before venturing out. They will also be able to give you a better explanation and guidance about the park.

Crocker Range Park Head Station HQ Keningau
Crocker Range Park - Keningau Head Station

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