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Sabah is a land bless with one of the richest and diverse wildlife on this earth. From land animals and plants found in the thick and dense rainforest, to the many endemic birds at its various kinds (variety) of wetlands which include mangrove forest and peat swamp forest, to the beautiful and rare marine creatures in its beautiful tropical ocean, Sabah has it all. The land of Sabah is hilly and mountainous and over 50% of its land is still covered with thick and dense forest. Some of the interior areas are highly inaccessible and with little human interaction, it is one of the few remaining natural and mystical wilderness area known on this planet waiting to be discover on your Sabah vacation.

Sabah is a land with an abundance of flora and fauna. There are more than 200 different species of animals that can be found in its tropical rainforest and many of them are endemic only to the Borneo Island. There are also over 3,000 species of trees and plants native to this area that have been identify by scientist with many more still waiting to be discovered. Plant species that can be found here are the many beautiful orchid species, fern, pitcher plants (nepenthes species), ficus or figs, rhododendron, palm, bamboo and herbs.

Birds and insects are also thriving in the forest here. There are more than 600 species of birds with over 30 of them indigenous to the forest of Sabah. Rare birds such as the Wrinkled, Pied and Helmeted hornbill, Whitehead’s Trogon, Whitehead’s Broadbill, Blue-headed Pitta and Blue-banded Pit can be found here. Its forests also have a high diversity of insects and from the more than a million of different insect species known to man today, many of these can be found here.

This section is dedicated to all the wildlife of Sabah and about all the interesting things that you can do here. Read on to know more about the unique creatures and plants that makes its forest unique and special. Get up close and personal with this wildlife during your Sabah vacation.

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